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TruStone and Malachite Pen Making

We have started using both TruStone and Malachite to create some very interesting pens. A patented Photofuzion process creates TruStone out of ordinary cultured marble. Beautiful images of granite, marble, travertine and such can be applied to regular cultured marble. Malachite is usually found in opaque green masses, derived from the copper, and is cut and polished to show the alternating light and dark green layers.

Ballpoint TruStone Pens
Gold Finish Pen Kits
TruStone Ballpoint
PSI Bolt Action Patriotic Celebration Cartridge ballpoint pen
Rollerball TruStone Pens
Rhodium / Black Titanium Finish Pen Kits
TruStone Rollerball
Fountain TruStone Pens
Titanium Gold Finish Pen Kits
TruStone Fountain Pen

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