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If you are still unsure what you want in your custom pen, for you or someone you care about, here are photos of a few pens we have made in the past. Maybe one of these pens will give you the right visual inspirations of designs we make for you today.

coffee bean rollerball
Captain Series Cherry Burl Fountain Pen
Gunnery Series Blue and Gold Acrylic Ballpoint Pen
Captain Series Malachite Fountain Pen
Commander Series CNC Engraved Custom Acrylic Rollerball Pen
Sergeant Series Texture 1 Polymer Clay Pen
Tina Wissen
Tina Wissen
Tina Wissen
Lieutenant Series Pickled Polymer Clay Rollerball Pen
Long Clicker Series Purple Flowers Polymer Clay Ballpoint Pen
Sergeant Series Pink/Blue Polymer Clay Pen
Lieutenant Series Blue Hearts Polymer Clay Pen
Lieutenant Series Red Hearts Polymer Clay Pen
Commander Series Yellow Belly Racer Fountain Pen
Fountain Custom Polymer Clay Pen
CNC Custom Engraved Cartridge Ballpoint Pen

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