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CNC Engraved Bullet Keychains
Stock #: CNC Key Chain
Price: $20.00

CNC machined real 308 caliber casings and bullets. These blanks are not sealed and will naturally patina or can be buffed/polished regularly to keep their current glossy shine. Using a CNC machine involves many hours to cut each design, including thousands of lines of code. We can machine many CNC designs to our Cartridge, Acrylic, and Wood blanks. Choose from one of these designs or add your own - Just Ask Fred!

Fire Department

Add your own design - Just Ask Fred!

Handcrafted Whistle Keychains
Stock #: Whistle Key Chain
Price: $12.00

Whistle on a Keychain - can be used in dog handling, sporting events, search and rescue, and as a safety alarm for crime prevention. Our keychains are available in any acrylic, corian, or wood material we have in stock.

Cinnabar Corian

Egyptian Copper Corian

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